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Manufacturers of the ORIGINAL No-Nail Decking Fastening System!

Prestige Dek-Ties were first released in 2002, since then it has fast become the chosen method for Builders and D.I.Yers for fixing deck boards in place.

Many years of R&D went into the design and material used before releasing the Prestige Dek-Tie on to the market. Today, we continue to design, refine and research new materials for the manufacture of Australia’s original deck fastener.

Prestige Dek-Ties are certified AS1170.2 – Region D wind load.
View certification (PDF).



So simple, just about anyone can do it!

Building your deck using Prestige Dek-Tie will enhance your entertainment and outdoor living area because there are no nails or screw heads visible. Any type of decking timber can be used in a variety of widths and thicknesses.

Prestige Dek-Ties work by joining adjacent boards together, much like a tongue and groove floorboard but retain a 6 mm gap between the boards. This is achieved by simply cutting a small slot or kerf in the edge of each board where they cross a joist, the Prestige Dek-Tie is then pushed into the slot and fastened to the joist with a trim head screw provided.

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  1. We have been using your Dek-Tie product from a bundle given to us by our son-in-law as he had surplus after building his deck. Unfortunately we have run out, and need an additional 100 brown coloured biscuits. We also need black screws. Can you please advise if we can still purchase these?
    We think this is a fantastic product!

    Many thanks
    David Streatfeild
    0411 281 207

  2. Hello
    I am a Builder in Sydney
    I have a large deck to build using 130 x 20 black butt on steel joists approximately 100 sq m
    The project is on the lane cove river so is exposed to salt water
    Can you send me some info or pictures of the fixing clips and screws which would need to be resistant to salt water

  3. Are you able advise on where I can purchase this product & the slotted merbau decking in 140 wide boards


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