Welcome to Prestige Dek-Ties.

Manufacturers of the ORIGINAL No-Nail Decking Fastening System!

Prestige Dek-Ties were first released in 2002, since then it has fast become the chosen method for Builders and D.I.Yers for fixing deck boards in place.

Many years of R&D went into the design and material used before releasing the Prestige Dek-Tie on to the market. Today, we continue to design, refine and research new materials for the manufacture of Australia’s original deck fastener.

Prestige Dek-Ties are certified AS1170.2 – Region D wind load.
View certification (PDF).



So simple, just about anyone can do it!

Building your deck using Prestige Dek-Tie will enhance your entertainment and outdoor living area because there are no nails or screw heads visible. Any type of decking timber can be used in a variety of widths and thicknesses.

Prestige Dek-Ties work by joining adjacent boards together, much like a tongue and groove floorboard but retain a 6 mm gap between the boards. This is achieved by simply cutting a small slot or kerf in the edge of each board where they cross a joist, the Prestige Dek-Tie is then pushed into the slot and fastened to the joist with a trim head screw provided.

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