Dek-Tie for METAL Joists

Dek-Tie 100 pk for METAL joists


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Prestige Dek-Tie are simple hidden deck fasteners that effectively hold boards in place by acting as the tongue for a pair of shaped grooves quickly cut into the edge of the boards by using a biscuit cutting tool. When clamped up, the Dek-Tie will keep the boards 6mm apart. It is a relatively quick, easy, cheap and effective under deck fastening solution to achieve the ultimate finish on your deck.

Each box contains 100 Dek-Ties, metal screws, screw driver and instructions.

To calculate the number of Dek-Tie hidden deck fasteners required divide the width of the deck (mm) by 450. Add 1, this give the number for joists. Now divide depth of the deck (in mm) by the width of the boards you are using (in mm) to approximate the number of boards used and the multiply that number by the number of joists.


e.g. Deck 5400x5000mm using joists at 450mmcenters and a deck board of 86mm wide:
5400mm divided by 450 = 12 + 1(for first joist) =13 joists
5000mm divided by 86 = 54 boards(approx)
58 x 13= 754 Dek-Ties required (two boxes).

Weight: 1kg packed.


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